A Review on Every Child is Special


The indian movie “Every Child is special” (Taare Zameen Par) is a deeply moving story of a nine year old boy who has dyslexia which is a Developmental reading disorder where there is a problem in areas of the brain that help interpret language.  The disorder is a specific information processing problem that does not interfere with one’s ability to think or to understand complex ideas. Most people with DRD have normal intelligence, and many have above-average intelligence. And in the case of the said movie, Ishaan (the protagonist) have dyslexia where he always gets low grades, finding himself always in trouble in school even defying his parents which in contrast to his intelligent brother. 

As the story progresses, a temporary art teacher was introduced in the person of Amir Khan playing Mr. Nikumbh. The story reveals the superb talent of Ishaan in painting. Mr. Nikumbh revealed himself who also suffered the same problem when he was a child. Later on, he helped Ishaan read, write and solve math equations. Mr. Nikumbh helped Ishaan overcome his fear and doubt. The story ended with Ishaan’s improvement in learning and regaining self confidence. 

This movie makes its viewers realize that every child has their own pace of learning. Each one is a unique individual who has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. This strength may be in art, science, math, sport,etc. To be called intelligent is not limited with academic excellence, but it could also be in any form of specialty like art (and in the case of the movie, painting). The movie also emphasize the importance of family’s support and understanding. Parents should encourage their children’s passion. “Every child is Special” is a great movie to watch because it tackles a lot of social issues as well as it awakens every emotions in you. It is definitely a life moving moving that will surely change your perspective in seeing every child for each and every one of them is unique in their own way…every child is special. 🙂