Samsung Unveils ChatON 2.0, Gives Sneak Peeks Of Its Smart TV, Smart Hub Ahead Of CES

Wow! I hope one day, I could get this.


Pablo’s Wrath: The aftermath

Pablo's Wrath: The aftermath

I was only able to catch up with the news on Wednesday night (Dec. 12, 2012) through a local news program, TV Patrol. I am deeply saddened and moved by the situation of the people in the areas savaged by the super typhoon. It was devastating to know how much they have suffered and yet there were no enough supplies of food and other basic necessities given to them. The
y are also badly in need of medical attention because of the injuries they got from the ruthless typhoon. From the video clips shown, the people were so desperate that everytime a truck carrying loads of relief would arrive, they get panicky and it’s really a mess. It was also reported that there is difficulty in accessing to the areas that even relief from choppers are just dropped in the air. Some villages are totally gone that no trees nor house remained.Figures show an increasing number of dead people as retrieval operation continue to excavate the areas. I wrote this blog so that for anyone who has a kind heart to help those victims, please help. I know how they feel because I was also affected by the Sendong last year. And we were fortunate enough that many good samaritans helped us. This is my way of helping them. I hope I was able to infleunce you to help this people. Be blessed and be a blessing 🙂