A New Shopping Paradise for Kagay-anons: Centrio

Last November 9, 2012, friday, the most talked about shopping mall had its grand opening in the city of golden friendship. Centrio was finally launched after how many months of anticipation for its promising shopping experience. When my friend and I went that day to witness its grandeur opening, we are really overwhelmed by the number of people in queu in the entrance of the said shopping mall. By the time we finally entered into the lobby. We were quite disappointed by its limited space and architectural structure. To describe it, the ceiling were low, the hallways were narrow, the stair and the scalators were not adjacent to each other and we could not definitely feel the aircon. Another important note to my obsevation to Centrio is that the stores/booths available (such as restaurants, beauty clinic, retail stores, clothing lines, etc.) are high-end. To be honest, the directions or maybe the architectural design of the building is really confusing. The establishment of this Ayala mall, Centrio, is an indication of a booming economy of Cagayan de Oro. It has provided people in the said city with job opportunities as well as business opportunities. The Centrio mall offers a great experience as it is expected to bring forth greater height of entertainment and leisure for the Kagay-anon shoppers.