To My Angel, Happy Birthday

Four years ago, my prayer was finally answered. A boy was born whom my family and myself fell deeply inlove with.
It’s been almost a year now since we got separated from you. Yet, my heart constricts and my mind constantly reminds me of you. I’m in pain. God knows how much I love and will always love you. I want my lips to kiss every inch of your warm skin, especially to your small feet. I want to your sweet laugh once more everytime I tickle you…to be irritated by your cries out of the blue. yes, it’s been almost one freakin’ year now and my heart’s been empty since. I always console myself with the thought of you being safe and well-taken care of, but I’m not. I guess I’m just scared you’ll forget about us…about me. I want to see you grow, to be there for you, to guide and protect you. Not even a single word could describe my hurt and longing for you. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by mere chance. I believe God has reason why these things had happened. I may not seem to understand it now, but someday, it will all make sense. I trust God.
Just wait my angel, I’ll come and get you. Happy Birthday


2 thoughts on “To My Angel, Happy Birthday

    lesson learned: proofread what you have written before hitting the post button. I just realized daghan kaayo ko grammatical errors, even the simplest subject-verb agreement and my point of view is so inconsistent. I guess my emotions while writting this overwhelmed me. SORRY 😦

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