It’s The Final Countdown!

Second semester for college has started again and this time, I’m on my last leg of the race…my last year of academic study is finally near its end, unless ofcourse if I proceed to study higher education which is not currently in my list of plan. Anyway, this semester is expected also to be fun and scary at the same time. First day of class meetings has promised the graduating students to be bombarded with projects, requirements and defenses. A million crap to that! Seriously, it’s the first week of class and I’m starting to freak out. Most of my teachers in this semester are pretty much scary for me. I don’t know anything about them, their teaching approach and all those things. And oh yeah! Let’s not forget to mention the pressure of being a scholar. How is that? Though we may achieve scholastic education, the real battle is outside the four walls of our classroom. As students, we might as well cherish each moment and rock the days towards its final countdown.


One thought on “It’s The Final Countdown!

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