A Bittersweet life

There is a thin line between life and death, joy and sorrow, success and failure, and the like. One cannot exist without the other. Life is not about winning, but it is about how you face each problem. It may be hard, but patience will be well rewarded with God’s eternal promise. Each day we are confronted with different challenges in varied intensities. These struggles we face each time are not punishments from God. God loves each and one of us unconditionally and equally. We are all His children. Some of us may have gone astray… made serious mistakes, but nonetheless we learn and stand up once again. They are all part of our journey called life. A story in the bible entitled “The Prodigal Son” perfectly depicts Christ’s unfailing love and forgiveness for us, his children. Let us bear in mind that Christ did not promise us that the road will easy but He has promised us that it will be a safe way.


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