To My Angel, Happy Birthday

Four years ago, my prayer was finally answered. A boy was born whom my family and myself fell deeply inlove with.
It’s been almost a year now since we got separated from you. Yet, my heart constricts and my mind constantly reminds me of you. I’m in pain. God knows how much I love and will always love you. I want my lips to kiss every inch of your warm skin, especially to your small feet. I want to your sweet laugh once more everytime I tickle you…to be irritated by your cries out of the blue. yes, it’s been almost one freakin’ year now and my heart’s been empty since. I always console myself with the thought of you being safe and well-taken care of, but I’m not. I guess I’m just scared you’ll forget about us…about me. I want to see you grow, to be there for you, to guide and protect you. Not even a single word could describe my hurt and longing for you. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by mere chance. I believe God has reason why these things had happened. I may not seem to understand it now, but someday, it will all make sense. I trust God.
Just wait my angel, I’ll come and get you. Happy Birthday


A New Shopping Paradise for Kagay-anons: Centrio

Last November 9, 2012, friday, the most talked about shopping mall had its grand opening in the city of golden friendship. Centrio was finally launched after how many months of anticipation for its promising shopping experience. When my friend and I went that day to witness its grandeur opening, we are really overwhelmed by the number of people in queu in the entrance of the said shopping mall. By the time we finally entered into the lobby. We were quite disappointed by its limited space and architectural structure. To describe it, the ceiling were low, the hallways were narrow, the stair and the scalators were not adjacent to each other and we could not definitely feel the aircon. Another important note to my obsevation to Centrio is that the stores/booths available (such as restaurants, beauty clinic, retail stores, clothing lines, etc.) are high-end. To be honest, the directions or maybe the architectural design of the building is really confusing. The establishment of this Ayala mall, Centrio, is an indication of a booming economy of Cagayan de Oro. It has provided people in the said city with job opportunities as well as business opportunities. The Centrio mall offers a great experience as it is expected to bring forth greater height of entertainment and leisure for the Kagay-anon shoppers.

It’s The Final Countdown!

Second semester for college has started again and this time, I’m on my last leg of the race…my last year of academic study is finally near its end, unless ofcourse if I proceed to study higher education which is not currently in my list of plan. Anyway, this semester is expected also to be fun and scary at the same time. First day of class meetings has promised the graduating students to be bombarded with projects, requirements and defenses. A million crap to that! Seriously, it’s the first week of class and I’m starting to freak out. Most of my teachers in this semester are pretty much scary for me. I don’t know anything about them, their teaching approach and all those things. And oh yeah! Let’s not forget to mention the pressure of being a scholar. How is that? Though we may achieve scholastic education, the real battle is outside the four walls of our classroom. As students, we might as well cherish each moment and rock the days towards its final countdown.

A Bittersweet life

There is a thin line between life and death, joy and sorrow, success and failure, and the like. One cannot exist without the other. Life is not about winning, but it is about how you face each problem. It may be hard, but patience will be well rewarded with God’s eternal promise. Each day we are confronted with different challenges in varied intensities. These struggles we face each time are not punishments from God. God loves each and one of us unconditionally and equally. We are all His children. Some of us may have gone astray… made serious mistakes, but nonetheless we learn and stand up once again. They are all part of our journey called life. A story in the bible entitled “The Prodigal Son” perfectly depicts Christ’s unfailing love and forgiveness for us, his children. Let us bear in mind that Christ did not promise us that the road will easy but He has promised us that it will be a safe way.

Life As We Know It

When we pray, we do not ask for a life with no problems but we ask for strenght, courage and faith that we may be able to overcome each problem with flying colors. We would not be able to fully appreciate life if we are always happy or the other way around. If we try to contemplate on the events that had occured to us in the past, we realized how it made us strong as we face today. We take a glimpse of our past and there is a trace of smile in our face finally realizing its lesson to be learned. Sometimes, we must experience pain in order to appreciate relief, loss so that there is contentment, and death so that there is life. And this is life… as we know it